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The mission of the Alabama Plant Atlas is to facilitate and coordinate education and research in the area of plant taxonomy, systematic, and floristics. The Alabama Herbarium Consortium committee maintains the Alabama Plant Atlas, a comprehensive source of information of distribution and nomenclature for over 4,000 native and naturalized vascular plants in the state of Alabama. The University of West Alabama provides an avenue for the Atlas to be disseminated via the internet. The Atlas provides information to public agencies, private companies, non-profit organizations, schools, and individuals around the state for environmental decision making and education.

The Atlas is not-for profit within The University of West Alabama and is funded by the University and the initial startup grant through Legacy, Inc. We are therefore subject to inevitable fluctuations of interest and economics of state appropriations and granting agencies. You can help, however, because the Atlas is eligible to receive donations through the UWA Foundation. Your valued contribution will help fund the mission of the AHC and the continuation of the Alabama Plant Atlas website.  Look below to determine what level is more suitable for you. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation, please contact Brian R. Keener, UWA Herbarium and Atlas Curator, at

or send a check made payable to the UWA Foundation (dont forget to place "Plant Atlas" in the memo).
Brian R. Keener
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
The University of West Alabama
Station 7
Livingston, AL 35470

Charles Mohr Level = greater than $100,000

Blanche Evans Dean Level = up to $100,000

Roland McMillan Harper Level = up to $50,000

          Alabama Black Belt Foundation

Thomas Minott Peters Level = up to $10,000

Tutwiler's Fern Level = up to $5000

          Dr. Alvin Diamond

          Alabama Wildflower Society

Alabama Larkspur Level = up to $1000

Trillium Level = up to $500

          In Memory of Mrs. Ina Dorcas Etheridge Diamond (1923-2019) of Evergreen.

            Dr. and Mrs. Brian and Tracy Keener

Cahaba Lily Level = up to $250

          Mrs. Rosalie Dew

          Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Lucy Gallman  

          Dr. Mike Hardig         

          Hunstville Chapter of the Alabama Wildflower Society